What scents are used?2020-11-30T12:40:36+01:00

we only use the highest quality natural, essential oils, distilled directly from plants and produced from 100% natural ingredients.

What wax is inside my candle?2020-11-30T12:39:49+01:00

we use a blend of natural, GMO-free waxes: rapeseed wax, beeswax and other natural vegetable waxes, all made from renewable sources. No soy wax.


What are the benefits of essential oils?2020-11-30T12:37:06+01:00

Candles made exclusively with essential ethereal oils are aromatherapeutic. They have a positive influence on our central nervous system and a positive psychological effect on our overall wellbeing.

How long will my candle burn?2020-11-30T12:26:20+01:00

Well cared for, your candle will burn for up to 30 hours

How do I store my candle?2020-11-30T12:25:50+01:00

Scented candles are best stored in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight

How do I extinguish my candle?2020-11-30T12:24:57+01:00

Use a snuffer or glass dome to extinguish your candle. Under a glass dome the gradual darkening of the room can be a ritual to say good night.

How do I make sure the candle melts evenly?2020-11-30T12:24:14+01:00

Keep the wick centered by gently pushing it with a dipper, don’t straighten once cooled

How do I take care of the wick?2020-11-30T12:23:02+01:00

Take care of your flame by shortening the cotton wick carefully to 10 mm before lighting and relighting your candle

How long can I burn my candle?2020-11-30T12:22:01+01:00

Do not exceed 4 hours per burn

How long should I burn my candle2020-11-30T12:21:25+01:00

Ensure a long first burn of at least two hours when lighting your candle for the first time to let the scent fill the room and the wax melt evenly


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