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Niaouli – Melaleuca Viridiflora


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Balsamic, antiseptic and clearing

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The natural essential oils of Niaouli are balsamic with a note of camphor, antiseptic and clearing.

Malaleuca Viridiflora is an evergreen tree with pointed leaves and spiky long flowers. It can be found in New Caledonia and Australia. The leaves of the evergreen are extremely fragrant when crushed. In New Caledonia the fresh air and absence of malaria is credited to the indiginous Malaleuca Viridiflora trees which grows all over the islands. In most parts of the world it is known as Niaouli. The leaves are extremely aromatic and the essential oil is distilled from the fresh leaves and twigs. For our candle, we use only the pure and natural ethereal essential oil of Niaouli.

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Made in Germany


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