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Stone Pine – Pinus Cembra


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Clean and calm like a forest.
Renewing, decongesting and purifying.

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The natural essential oils of the stone pine are renewing, decongesting and purifying.

Pinus Cembra, also known as Swiss Stone Pine, grows mainly in the Alps and Carpathian Mountains above 1,200 metres and can age between 500 and 1000 years. The aroma of the essential oil is also known for its ability to induce sleep.  It clears the mind and relaxes. Stone pine essential oil has a complex aroma, with sweet notes interwoven throughout the crisp, piney scent. It is used in natural perfumery to create resinous notes, amber bases, and precious wood notes.

Inhalation of pine oil vapors soothe anxiety and stress, beat mild depression, and treat mental and physical fatigue. Our Volitiv candle is made with pure natural essential oils of Pinus Cembra only.

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Made in Germany


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